Keynote Speakers in the Digital Age

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Keynote Speakers in the Digital Age: Dead or Thriving

Keynote Speakers in the Digital Age

Is Keynote Speaking Dead

Keynote speaking is dead. 0:00

Keynote speaking is over. There's no work for keynote speaking anymore. Now it's just free note speaking, because keynote speakers can get paid to speak.

The boom in keynote speaking is real.

Moving from keynote speaking to free note speaking. 1:09

There are some keynote speakers from the old world who are struggling to get paid to speak during the pandemic.

Some speakers have moved from keynote speaking to free note speaking.

The problem with virtual keynote speeches. 3:06

Every time a speaker speaks, they are speaking on video, and that video can be seen and shared.

Speakers who just gave the same speech over and over again.

The difference between keynote speakers and free speakers. 4:22

The third type of speaker, the free no speaker, is struggling to get paid now to speak. They are not the main stage.

The importance of great trainers, workshop leaders and facilitators.

Why keynote speakers are becoming more important? 6:22

The role of the keynote speaker is going to become even more valued in a post-pandemic world.

The importance of having thought leaders on the stage when in-person events.

How to be a better keynote speaker? 7:32

Make sure that your thought leadership is right up there, continually be learning, and invest in your skills.



Is keynote speaking dead? Is the era of professional keynote speakers coming to an end? That's our topic of discussion today. Recently, I conversed with a publicist in America. We discussed our respective roles and professions. I mentioned that I'm a keynote speaker, focusing on topics such as creativity, innovation, and AI. He responded, "Keynote speaking is dead. No one hires keynote speakers anymore." He added that he no longer refers to it as "keynote speaking" but rather "free note speaking" because many speakers can't secure paid gigs.

I listened to his perspective and quietly chuckled. In my experience, and from my discussions with other speakers and agencies, there's an actual boom in keynote speaking. There's a shift towards virtual platforms, with a gradual return to in-person engagements and a blend of both. However, this boom hasn't been universal. Some speakers, especially those from the pre-pandemic era, have struggled immensely. Several factors contribute to this struggle.

Firstly, some speakers seem to have lost their passion. They've possibly been in the industry for a long time and have become disconnected from their subject matter. They rely on dated content and reference old examples like Blockbuster. Many have decided to shift their focus or have transitioned from paid speaking to "free note speaking," where they may promote other services or products.

Secondly, some speakers deliver the same speech repeatedly. An agency relayed a story about a once highly-demanded speaker who always gave an identical presentation. While this might've worked pre-pandemic, it's no longer viable. In today's digital age, speeches, especially virtual ones, are widely shared. Repetitive content diminishes a speaker's value. Personalizing content to cater to specific clients becomes paramount.

Lastly, some individuals who identify as keynote speakers aren't genuinely suited for the main stage. They excel in training, workshops, or facilitating sessions but lack the gravitas required for a large audience. The virtual shift has been a boon for trainers and facilitators, as they can now conduct multiple sessions across various time zones.

As we transition into a post-pandemic era, hybrid events will become the norm. This shift necessitates that keynote speakers be adept at both in-person and virtual delivery. When audiences gather, organizers will seek genuine thought leaders who can offer fresh, relevant content.

If you're a speaker striving to remain relevant, invest in continuous learning. Stay updated, be curious, research, and adapt. Ensure your thought leadership is top-notch and hone your skills.

Yes, "free noting" may become more prevalent, but true keynote speakers, equipped with expertise, skills, and a strong message, will always be in demand, be it virtually or in person.

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Keynote Speakers in the Digital Age

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