CL068: Laurence O’Bryan on how to write a fiction book

Laurence O'Bryan

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast I talk with Laurence O’Bryan about creative writing. He is an Irish mystery and thriller writer who is dedicated to helping promote other authors. Laurence dreamed of becoming a writer from childhood when he would tell adventure stories to friends that lived on his street. Now three novels later and with a series of literary awards he is not only a successful writer but helps other writers find new audiences with his site His latest book is called ‘The Nuremberg Puzzle’, a fast-paced thriller that centres around the rise of violent anti-refugee groups spreading across Germany.

Laurence O’Bryan’s ‘How To Write A Fiction Book And Creative Writing’ Show Notes:

  • The puzzle novel series (1:30)
  • Researching for fiction writers (3:49)
  • Writing craft books (6:20)
  • Stephen King and Sol Stein – On Writing (7:18)
  • Professional editing services (10:00)
  • Networking as a writer (11:17)
  • Building your platform as a writer (13:10)
  • Blogging for writers (13:45)
  • Show your work (17:45)
  • Crowdfunding your book (20:15)
  • Hybrid authors (22:00)
  • Building a team (23:00)
  • Structural edit (24:30)
  • Proof readers (24:50)
  • BooksGoSocial (30:31)
  • Persistence (34:40)
  • Alliance of Independent Authors (35:50)

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