CL258: How To Lead From The Future – Interview with Mark Johnson of Innosight

lead from the future

Lead From The Future

Mark Johnson is co-founder and Senior Partner of Innosight, a strategic innovation consulting and investing company with offices in Massachusetts, Singapore and Switzerland, which he co-founded with Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen. He has been a strategic advisor to both Global 1000 and start-up companies in a wide range of industries—including automotive, health care, aerospace/defense, enterprise IT, energy, and consumer packaged goods. He is the coauthor of Lead from the Future: How to Turn Visionary Thinking into Breakthrough Growth, a manifesto for “Future Back” thinking and a hands-on guide to long-term planning, strategy development, and execution within established organizations.


In this episode, we cover:

Lead From The Future

  • 2:15 – Points of inflection
  • 3:32 – COVID-19 innovations
  • 6:26 – The Bubonic plague and the Renaissance
  • 7:02 – Cholera epidemic and golden age of Vienna
  • 8:31 – The space race
  • 10:22 – Future Back
  • 10:54 – Questions as answers
  • 13:03 – Invert Always Invert – Charlie Munger
  • 13:29 – Taking an impressionists view
  • 14:42 – Future state portfolio
  • 15:29 – Walking it back with initiatives
  • 16:14 – Vision to strategy
  • 16:41 – Going beyond the core
  • 17:49 – Building your innovation team
  • 18:23 – Lead startup methodology
  • 18:38 – Aligning leadership with innovation teams
  • 20:20 – Strategic continuity
  • 22:25 – The role of the board of directors in innovation
  • 25:55 – Generative design
  • 26:31 – AI in innovation
  • 31:12 – Wayne Grestsky – skate to where the puck is going

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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