CL228: Growing Your Authority Using Virtual Summit Software – Interview with Mark T Wade

Dr Mark T Wade
Dr. Mark T Wade went from brick & mortar to multi-million dollar online business using a strategy called the One-Day Summit. Having created 6, 7 & Multi 7-figure businesses in the Brick & Mortar, Online Education, & Software As A Service space, Dr. Mark now helps entrepreneurs scale their online businesses with proven strategies such as the One-Day Summit Formula.

In this episode, we cover:
  • 2:56 – Learning about virtual summits
  • 3:45 – Pat Flynn
  • 5:02 – One day virtual summits
  • 7:35 – Self-liquidating offers
  • 10:41 – All Access Pass
  • 15:07 – Best software for online summits
  • 16:04 – The perfect number of guests for a one day summit
  • 19:56 – Short attention spans
  • 21:24 – How to price your virtual summit pass
  • 27:26 – Invert always invert
  • 37:23 – Lives changed KPI

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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