CL021: Martin Taylor on being a creative musician

Fingerstyle jazz guitarist Martin Taylor shares with us his approach to being a creative musician and teaching music online. In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast, he talks about the importance of being selective in terms of which ideas he pursues and what creative success means to him.

“You might make a cup of tea in it, you use the wrong tea bags and it doesn’t taste too good. That’s a little failure, so you throw it down the sink. Then you make yourself an amazing espresso and that’s a success. It’s just a matter of always moving on.”

“You cannot be stuck with something. If it doesn’t work, move on.”

– Martin Taylor

Martin Taylor Show Notes:

  • Time Management (10:42)
  • Creativity as a musician (12:22)
  • Training himself to listen as a musician and as a non musician (15:58)
  • Working on a fantastic idea that won’t work at all (18:50)
  • Playing something in the guitar to his Dad when he was 8 years old
  • Working with students to bring out their skills (24:13)
  • Getting his students to sing (26:18)
  • Ear Training (27:08)
  • New York retreat (29:43)
  • The artist in us is very important (33:48)
  • Best advice in music (35:00)
  • Never do anything just for the money (36:06)

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