CL203: The Anthony Bourdain of Barbershops – Interview with Matt Javit

Matt Javit
Matt Javit and his partner Nikki have been traveling the world full-time since leaving the USA in February 2017. During their travels they share with their audience different ways to keep travel costs down, ideas for volunteering in communities, and tips on networking with locals while having a great time. He also stars and produces the ‘World Barber Shop Adventures’ docuseries which features him in a different barbers chair in the world on each episode.
In this episode, we cover:
  • 2:32 – Getting the travel bug
  • 4:22 – Rolf Potts – Vagabonding
  • 5:48 – Living life through experiences
  • 7:08 – and
  • 8:32 – World Barber Shop Adventures
  • 10:30 – The Anthony Bourdain of Barbershops
  • 13:17 – Filming on the road

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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