CL204: The Fearless Organization – Interview with Amy C. Edmondson

Amy Edmonson
Amy C. Edmondson is the Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School. She has written numerous articles for Harvard Business Review and four books including Teaming, which showed how leaders can make organizational learning happen. Her awards include the 2018 Sumantra Ghoshal Award for Rigor and Relevance in the Study of Management and the 2017 Thinkers50 Talent Award. She received her PhD in organizational behavior, her Master’s in psychology, and her Bachelor’s in engineering and design from Harvard University. Her latest book is called The Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and Growth and it’s my pleasure to welcome her onto the show today.
In this episode, we cover:
  • 3:34 – Psychological Safety
  • 4:36 – Asking better questions
  • 6:28 – The Braintrust at Pixar
  • 8:29 – Flighting
  • 11:27 – Thesis defense
  • 13:33 – Working with Buckminster Fuller
  • 14:56 – The importance of trust
  • 16:00 – Creating the conditions for creativity and innovation
  • 18:39 – The fearless environment
  • 20:35 – Silence is a marker for fear
  • 21:56 – The two kinds of humor

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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