Metaverse Keynote Speaker in Mexico

Metaverse Keynote Speaker in Mexico

Metaverse Keynote Speaker in Mexico

Good morning James Taylor here, Keynote Speaker on Creativity, Innovation, and Future Trends. Today I’m in Mexico City.


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Metaverse Keynote Speaker

I’m here because I’m gonna be speaking at a financial services conference on the topic of the metaverse and what the metaverse means for banks, credit unions, and all different types of businesses. It’s gonna be a really fun event. But I actually flew in I got an A day earlier. And the reason I did that is that it’s a very high altitude higher than I’m used to usually. And I tend to find I like to come in a day earlier, just to get acclimatized. So on that first day before I speak, just take it a bit easy. Go and have some nice meals, and drink plenty of water. And because I have a little bit of time today what I’m going to do is I’m going to the Frida Kahlo Museum, Frida Kahlo is one of my favorite artists, a great Mexican artist great movie if you try and check that out with Salma Hayek, but I’ll take you along. I’ll kind of show you the museum. And then I’ll show a little bit about here but Mexico city, it’s a beautiful city, great city, wonderful culture, lots of great restaurants, great art culture. So yeah, follow me along.

Mexico City

I’m back in my hotel room now after getting a chance to visit some amazing museums here in Mexico City while I’m here speaking at a conference called Crevolution. And the last museum I went to his the Frida Kahlo Museum. I’m going to put some photographs here. I wasn’t able to take videos actually in the place itself. But I’ll show you some photos of what it looked like inside an incredible place. Frida Kahlo is probably one of my favorite artists. And if you don’t know much about Frida Kahlo’s fascinating story, she was married to Diego Rivera, who was also a very famous Mexican painter and artist, and they are just going to creative pairing you could see and if you watch any of my previous videos, you know, I talk a lot about his idea about creative peers and, and why that is so great for creativity. And so it was a pretty interesting relationship that they had. But the thing that I felt after kind of going through that and going through and visiting our home and visiting the museum, which is kind of really attached to our home as well, was just this sense of the kind of not just the resilience of the human spirit. But the fact that someone like Frida Kahlo was what we classify as anti-fragile. You know, she had so many barriers and things that she had to overcome in her life, whether it was a physical disability that she went through multiple times in her life and can deal with right until the end, or relationship issues, or perception of the outside world to the work that she was creating. Now there’s this idea of resilience, which we hear all the time, this idea of bounce-back ability. But there’s one level that goes beyond resilience. And it’s the idea of anti-fragility. And it’s the idea that the more stress or pressure or chaos that happens, the stronger that system, business, or person actually becomes. And as I looked at her work and put it alongside a timeline, you can almost see that the more stresses and pressures, and challenges that she was facing, it made she dug deep into herself to create some amazing work. truly astounding art.

Idea of antifragility

So the thing I could have left coming away from it is just this idea of antifragility that all the challenges that we go through just now to never lose sight of the kind of one of the reasons we’re here which is to create to create businesses to create opportunities to create art to create music, literature to create architecture. You know the world is going crazy at different times. Politics is going crazy to create. The world’s turning upside down go create we’re going into recession go create. We’re going into it up time in the economy still go create Frida Kahlo kept creating through all the most challenging times in her life, because she understood perhaps better than anyone else. The core as humans, we’re creators of things of businesses of art of experiences. So hopefully you enjoy some of the photos that I’m going to put up for you just now. Also very touching was react got a chance to see the scenes backstage behind the scenes of her life. And we know up now for this idea of having this very flamboyant kind of dress is beautiful kind of look that she had on camera, but we actually got a chance to see what was kind of behind with underneath all of that the things that she had to wear physically on her body to get her through the day. So don’t be put off by challenges and change by obstructions. Go creatively

Metaverse Keynote Speaker in Mexico

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