Creativity Storytelling Collaboration

Creativity Storytelling Collaboration

Creativity Storytelling Collaboration

Hey there, James Taylor, keynote speaker on creativity, innovation, and future trends. Today I’m actually in Mexico City.


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I’ve just been speaking here this week. I’m actually speed speak about the metaverse, but I’m on my way home, in the car on the way back to the airport. But this morning, I got a chance to go to one of the great museums here in your city. And it really traces the history of civilization and Homo Sapiens, and where we kind of came from. And there was, there was one particular thing, apart from all the amazing stuff about the Aztecs, and the Mayans, and all the history of that. But kind of going back even further, there was a couple of exhibits, they’re talking about what made us specialists Homo Sapiens, what gave us that competitive advantage. And it was a couple of things I spoke about. One was creativity, the ability to create tools, not just one tool, but lots of different tools for different types of tasks. So creativity was the first one. The second one, though, is storytelling. The ability for someone if, they saw something, they went on, traveled around, and they had a voyage. And they came back and they said, Don’t go over that hill. Or if you go over this hill, and over that river, something amazing is there. There are more resources than there is food, for example. And the third thing that really kind of came to mind was this idea of collaboration is one of those three things that made us build out civilizations, the fact that we were able to collaborate and it wasn’t just individuals minds, we were able to, you know, take everyone’s minds, everyone’s souls, everyone’s ideas and collaborate and build something together.

So it’s been really instructive being here in Mexico this week. Hopefully, I’m gonna be back really soon. I was just meeting a little bit earlier with the Speaker Bureau I work a lot with, here in this country and in different parts of Latin America. So there are a couple of things you could be doing next. If you’re interested in creativity, storytelling, or collaborations, personal creativity, and collaboration, you can go to And we’ve got lots of articles there, blog posts, videos, podcasts, interviews, where I talk with other people about collaboration, especially in a business context, as well. We also have lots of videos there on creativity, creativity, and skills training. If you’re more interested in storytelling, you want to become a better storyteller, and maybe even do the kind of thing I get to do just travel around the world. Speaking on stages. If you go to our sister website, is That’s speakers you with letter And there I’ve created lots of free training that you can learn if you just want to improve your ability to speak on stages and tell stories. Until next time, my name is James Taylor. Thanks so much for watching.

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