CL055: Mike Cykoski on writing electronic music

Mike Cykoski is the man behind New York arty, literate indie-pop music project A Is For Atom. Mike has always been a fearless composer, drawing inspiration from time honored pop-rock songcraft, literature, classical and avant-garde music to create his signature sound. After studying music at Juilliard, NYU, Harvestworks and Dubspot his epiphany came when a friend invited him to check out some electronic acts. He says “These artists had guitars, computers, and their voice, and witnessing that opened so many creative doors. It made me feel like I could finally produce what I heard in my head”.

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast Mike talks about writing electronic music, his shows and tours around north America, Mexico, Austin Texas, New York City, Toronto and Brooklyn. He tells us about how amazing the Canadian Music Week event was and also shares with us where his classical music influence came from within his family.

“When you’re planting a garden, you gotta establish the roots and give it time.”

– Mike Cykoski

Mike Cykoski ‘Writing Electronic Music’ Show Notes:

  • Studying film music at NYU (4:48)
  • Writing music from your dreams (7:35)
  • Writing songs using Abelton (8:24)
  • Fun with Native Instrument’s iMachine (8:43)
  • Getting burnt out on touring (13:05)
  • Planting seeds in your music career (15:00)

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