CL056: Creativity consultant Nick Skillicorn on innovation as a core value

Nick Skillicorn is a creativity consultant and helps individuals and companies improve their creativity and turbocharge their innovation efforts, so they can finally deliver on the value and ideas they’ve been struggling to execute. He is the CEO of Improvides Innovation Consulting, the chief editor and founder of, and an author and TEDx speaker, and has already helped thousands of entrepreneurs grow their innovation capabilities through his unique insights into recent scientific findings on how creativity works, and what it takes for ideas to succeed.

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast Nick talks to us about his focus as an innovation and creativity consultant in helping companies find how creativity works for them. He tells us about and also shares with us how he learned his craft as a consultant and how creativity and innovation comes about.

“Creativity isn’t just about art. Creativity is anything where you’re generating something that’s both new or valuable. Anything that hasn’t existed before and is also useful, counts as creativity.”

“Live in a way where you’re constantly not just open to new experiences, but actively looking out for new experiences.”

– Nick Skillicorn

Nick Skillicorn ‘Creativity Consultant’ Show Notes:

  • Idea to value (10:25)
  • Creativity study with twins (23:48)
  • Jazz improvisation and creativity (29:43)
  • Holland sandwich experiment (34:25)

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