CL065: Paul Sloane on lateral thinking puzzles

Paul Sloane

Paul Sloane is an author, public speaker and facilitator on innovation and leadership and has been described as “The King of Lateral Thinking Puzzles”. He is the author of 20 books on creative problem-solving and his latest book ‘Lateral Thinking Puzzles’ ranges from relatively easy to fiendishly hard conundrums that require mental agility. Paul’s company Destination Innovation help organizations make innovation happen and they have some incredible corporate clients.

“Failure is a good teacher. Success is a poor teacher.”
“I succeed or I learn but I never fail.”
“Only do what only you can do.”
– Paul Sloane

 Paul Sloane ‘Lateral Thinking Puzzles’ Show Notes:

  • Innovation workshops (2:30)
  • Impediments to innovation (5:40)
  • Using external facilitators for brainstorming (7:40)
  • Divergent thinking vs convergent thinking (8.00)
  • Deference to authority (8.57)
  • Inspirational innovative leadership (12:17)
  • Edward de Bono’s ‘Six Thinking Hats’ (20:11)
  • Need, Greed, Succeed, Speed (20:40)

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