CL045: Rene Lopez on the importance of licensing your creative work


Rene Lopez is a New York based musician, singer and songwriter. As the son of a salsa trumpeter he was raised in a home where music was all around him. In fact, the young Rene learned how to play drums before he could read. But although he grew up surrounded by salsa, disco and funk it was rock, R&B and soul that he gravitated towards.

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast, Rene talks about his latest project the “Jam of the Month” club.

“I don’t stop creating, it’s just something that I do.”

– Rene Lopez

Rene Lopez ” the importance of licensing your creative work” Show Notes:

  • Being taught drums by Bernard Purdie (6:45)
  • The New School (10:40)
  • The importance of licensing for musicians (15:09)
  • Touring and its challenges (16:59)
  • Joseph Arthur (18:30)
  • Annie DeFranco and NOLA sound (21:30)
  • The power of Spotify playlists (29:25)

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