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How would you like to be paid to travel the world and share your message? How would it feel to get paid $5,000, $10,000 or $50,000 to travel first class and stay at an incredible 5 star hotel in an exotic location. All you have to do is give a 60 minute talk to an audience on a topic you are passionate about? Sounds fun doesn’t it?

What I’ve just described is the lifestyle enjoyed by tens of thousands of professional speakers who speak around the world at conferences and summits. They speak on almost every topic imaginable and to audiences that range from business executives and industry associations to teachers and parents groups. For some they speak because they have a message to share while for others its about adding a new revenue stream or because they just love the lifestyle that being a international keynote speaker gives them.

I remember when I decided that I wanted to speak professionally. For years I’d been speaking to small groups and as a touring musician and artist manager I’ve always felt very comfortable being on stage. But for the first 20 years of my working life I’ve really been known as the guy behind the scenes, building the brands of successful music artists, authors and entrepreneurs.

However there came a point in my life, and maybe you are at this point in your life too, where I had a message that I wanted to share. For me I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible unleash their creativity, especially the 60% of people out there who do not currently consider themselves as creative.

But here’s the problem; there is a big difference between having a message you want to share and then developing a killer keynote presentation around that message, and then getting booked as a speaker. When I got started I think I must have read every book on the subject of becoming a professional speaker. I attended courses and events and initially gave talks for free until organizations began paying me to travel all over the world to speak on their stages.

On my journey to becoming a professional keynote speaker I had the good fortune to meet with other professional speakers. We would get together for 30minutes over coffee or backstages at conferences, and they would share with me the secrets of becoming a great keynote speaker. They taught me how to structure and craft my keynotes, how to get booked as a speaker, how much to charge, and almost every question you can imagine on the subject of speaking.

Then one day as I was talking with one of my speaking mentors an idea came to me. Why not give everyone access to the ’secrets’ they were generously sharing with me. Importantly I wanted to give everyone access to these secret strategies, techniques and tactics as part of an online summit, so these gems were available to the largest number of aspiring and professional speakers.

I tentatively reached out to ten of the world’s best keynote speakers. These were the creme de la creme of the speaking profession. And guess what they said? Absolutely, let’s do it James! You see one of the the things about the best keynote speakers is they are incredibly giving to speakers who are just starting out because they remember what it was like being in your shoes.

So I began recording a series of video interviews with these world class speakers. At the end of every interview my guest would suggest another incredible speaker I should interview. And over the past three months I have interviewed no less than 45 of the world’s greatest speakers. These people are Speaker Hall of Fame inductees, Certified Speaking Professionals, CSPGlobal’s and legendary speaker trainers who train the best of the best on their keynotes, voice and speaker marketing.

Now for the good news! Starting June 19th 2017 you’ll be able to access all of these interviews for free as part of the International Speakers Summit. Over 12 days you’ll learn from 45 of the world’s greatest keynote speakers. The line-up is incredible and best of all it’s not going to cost you a single dollar, euro, pound, peso, ruble or yen if you sign up for the FREE PASS at

Many people have asked me why I decided to put this online event together. Well in the same way that my speaking mentors helped me in building my career as a professional speaker I feel it is my duty to also pay it forward. This is the event I wish I had been able to attend when I first started learning how to be a speaker. And best of all you can get your FREE PASS while they are available at

In addition to our guest speakers I’d like to thank some incredible partners who are helping us get the word out there. They include SpeakerHub, Kajabi, MeetSpeakers, BombBomb, NinjaOutreach, KarmaSpeaker, MeetEdgar, Global Speakers Summit and Revisit.

So if you’d like to learn how to get paid to travel the world as a highly-paid international keynote speaker then pick up your FREE PASS today.

See you there.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Getting paid to share your message
  • Professional speakers lifestyle
  • Backstage
  • Developing a killer keynote presentation
  • Secrets of the best keynote speakers
  • Speaker Hall of Fame inductees
  • Certified Speaking Professionals (CSP)
  • Global Certified Speaking Professionals (CSPGlobal)
  • International Speakers Summit

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