CL022: Maya Azucena on advocating for art as power

Maya Azucena is an award-winning singer, songwriter and social activist. Brooklyn based Maya describes herself as sounding like “The Roots if fronted by a singer with 4-octaves” or a “female Bruno Mars” and Billboard, The Washington Post and the Village Voice have all praised her mesmerizing stage shows. As a music artist she has collaborated […]

CL021: Martin Taylor on being a creative musician

Fingerstyle jazz guitarist Martin Taylor shares with us his approach to being a creative musician and teaching music online. In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast, he talks about the importance of being selective in terms of which ideas he pursues and what creative success means to him. “You might make a cup of […]

CL020: Jeffrey Shaw on creative warriors, coaching and millennials in the workplace

Jeffrey Shaw is a business coach, podcast host and speaker on the subject of all things creativity. He is a believer that transformation requires both inspiration and implementation. Initially he started his creative journey as a photographer before discovering a passion for helping others through coaching. As the host of The Creative Warriors podcast he […]

CL019: Dennis DelGaudio on standing your ground as a creative

Brooklyn based guitarist and composer, Dennis DelGaudio tells us about country bands in Brooklyn, New York City and his new city country band called “Shotgun Wedding“. Dennis shares to us about the band’s song writing process. Dennis talks to us about how the Beatles inspired him so much to write songs. “Keep your head down […]

CL018: Sandy Gennaro on preparation, tenacity and Cyndi Lauper

Sandy Gennaro is a Nashville based drummer, speaker, teacher and author who over the last 50 years has worked with some of the biggest names in pop and rock. These include Cyndi Lauper, Joan Jett, Bo Diddly, Johnny Winter, Michael Bolton, Robin Gibb and The Monkees. Since 2007 Gennaro has been a frequent counsellor at […]