Tim Ferriss ‘The 4-Hour Body’ – Video Book Review

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Four Hour Body

I was super excited when I heard that Tim Ferriss, author of one of my favorite books ‘The Four Hour Work Week’, had written a guide book to rapid fat-loss, fitness and becoming superhuman.  First of all ‘The 4-Hour Body’ is a BIG book, weighing in at 570 pages and with chapters like Building the Perfect Posterior, the 15 Minute Female Orgasm and How to Sleep 2 Hours Per Day.  You quickly realize this is not your standard diet and fitness book.

I’ve tested a couple of the chapters personally including the Slow-Carb diet and Kettlebell exercises and they do work.  This is not a preachy book and if you liked Tim’s previous book and his ‘work smart not hard’ philosophy you will love the The Four Hour Body.  Whether you are looking to lose a couple of pounds or aspire to superhuman fitness then you’ll find it all here.

Tim takes an almost obsessive attitude to measuring what works.  My only criticism of this book is that the editor could have done a better job in pairing down some of the chapters.  Some of the sections in the book feel more like blog posts and vignettes than chapters but I’m willing to forgive Tim because this book packs so much valuable information.

The biggest insight I took from The Four Hour Body is around the Slow-Carb diet and the concept of the Minimum Effective Dose.  I’m not a fan of diets but I gave the book a shot and not only did the pounds fall off me but I also gained more energy.  A word of warning.  If you are a vegetarian like me you need to supplement the diet outlined in the book with vitamins and minerals.

So once again the book is The Four Hour Body and it’s by Tim Ferriss and you can get it here.

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