What Happens When You Run Out Of Goals? Bucket List 2.0

bucket-listWe all write down lists of the goals we want to achieve in our lives. Bucket lists on scraps of paper to be ticked off. Detailed spreadsheets with timelines and plans to be completed. But what happens when we run out of goals?

When I was fourteen years old I wrote down my list of goals. They included having a house in Italy, owning a media company, playing drums on hit albums, traveling in Asia, getting an MBA, living in California, finding a loving partner, going on a buddhist retreat and too many others to mention. As I sit looking at that list as a 35 year old it suddenly occurs to me that I’ve achieved most of the items on it. Now what?

Often the bucket list created by your younger self has lots of ‘things’ on it but less detail on the kind of person you want to become. We rush from point A to point B and achieve our goals as quickly as possible but in the process fail to enjoy the journey. It’s like only ever driving the highway to get to our destination instead of choosing to turn off and take the road less travelled.

So I sit here in 2013 with pen and paper in hand getting ready to create my Bucket List 2.0. Hopefully it’s going to be less about possessions and ego and more about enjoying the ride, not trying too hard and using ones values to guide the way. What are some items on your bucket list?

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