CL074: Violinist Yi-Jia Susanne Hou on the value of creative commitment

Yi-Jia Susanne Hou

In today’s episode of The Creative Life Podcast I meet with London based concert violinist, wine aficionado and snowboarder, Yi-Jia (E Ja How) Susanne Hou who talks about the importance of creative commitment. Susanne also describes how she balances life despite a very busy touring schedule and why she is fascinated with wine and physics.

“No matter what you do, if it doesn’t feel right, you can’t do it well.” – Yi-Jia Susanne Hou

Yi-Jia Susanne Hou ‘Creative Commitment’ Show Notes:

  • Balancing being an artist and making choices
  • Committing to practising at age 4
  • Daily habits, the importance of fitness and posture
  • Chocolate obsession, food, wine and links with music
  • The Red Violin
  • Taking the right opportunities
  • Taking on roles within the music

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