How To Build An Audience – Interview with Amanda Palmer

Singer-songwriter-blogger, Amanda Palmer talks about how she juggles her music, activism, writing and new baby. Amanda tells us about protecting her son from social norms and nurturing his creative curiosity. She also shares with us the difference between her creative process as a songwriter and live music performer compared with that of her creative process when writing a book.

“The first stop on turning people onto your art is show people your art.” – Amanda Palmer

And on technology and mindfulness Amanda Palmer says:

“The most important thing about doing anything with a second screen, whether it’s a creative project, or watching a piece of media, watching a film, being with a friend and having your screen, is you have to be able to do it mindfully. You have to be able to know that you are in control and able to shut the screen off and be with yourself and by yourself when needed.” 

Amanda Palmer Show Notes:

  • How motherhood has affected Amanda’s online writing
  • Gypsy lifestyle
  • Sharing and monetizing your art using Patreon
  • Second screen songwriting
  • The people behind the book “The Art Of Asking”
  • On recording, mixing and mastering her songs
  • Growing up
  • On building an audience and how to harness a platform like Patreon
  • Maria Popova of BrainPickings
  • Doing what inspires you each day

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