CL014: Writer SARK on how to be an artist and ‘Succulent Wild Love’

San Francisco based author, speaker and international expert in personal well-being and transformation, SARK tells us what “Succulent” means to her. She shares with us why she wrote a book at age 10 and did not pick up the pen again until she was 35 years old.

“Facing practical things in a practical manner.”

“Love does not come from a person. Love comes through a person.”


SARK Show Notes:

  • Writing your 17th book
  • On writing again and overcoming struggles she experienced in her family
  • On connecting to your Inner wise self
  • Being afraid of love
  • Co-writing a book for the first time
  • Personal habits that contributes to her successes as a creative person and as a writer
  • Being ‘Succulent’
  • How to be an artist
  • The inner wise self
  • Handwritten books

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