What Is the Metaverse to Financial Services

What Is the Metaverse to Financial Services

What Is The Metaverse?

Hey there, James Taylor, keynote speaker on creativity, innovation, and future trends. Today I’m actually in Mexico City.


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What Is The Metaverse to Financial Services?

And I’m here because I’m going to be keynoting a conference this afternoon. This conference is called Crevolution. And it’s a conference, that brings together the top people in financial services, banking, credit unions, and credit agencies, here across Mexico. And it’s a very interesting event. So I’m going to be talking specifically about the metaverse and what the metaverse thinks that web3 means for banks, financial services, companies, etc. And I’m gonna be talking about how we need to apply the creativity that we’re born with, as well as having a data-driven approach and how those things combine to create these amazing experiences. Now, if you don’t know what the metaverse is go and check out some of my previous videos and some of my blog articles on Jamestaylor.me. What Is The Metaverse to Financial Services



And it kind of goes a little bit more in-depth on that and some of the speeches that I give on the metaverse and things like web3. But one of the interesting things about this particular event is they’re doing it in a 360-degree stage. So this is where you’re basically speaking in the round, as it’s sometimes called, the stage is right in the middle, and we had screens above us as a speaker and audiences all around us. Now, this does a couple of interesting things. The first is the audience’s standpoint, it’s great because you get much closer to the stage, it’s almost certainly a more intimate feel. When you do that as well, it’s something the client really wanted to do, they wanted to create that sense of because people haven’t been together for a while, bring people back together, and have that sense of intimacy, as well. And you can do that with 360-degree stages.

The second thing, though, is it can be challenging for the professional speaker that you’re bringing in to speak. Now, if you’re not bringing in a professional speaker, it’s gonna be even more challenging for them. And there are a couple of reasons for this. The first is if someone is not a professional speaker when they go into a circular stage like that, they can freak out. Because if you think about it, why are many people scared to speak anyway, if you think about the reasons behind that, you know, if we go back to our ancestors, we might be on the Serengeti Plain, and you always wanted to have a cover. So the idea about being in the middle of nowhere, there’s no cover is kind of from a flight and flight perspective is kind of daunting. So we always stay there on a stage on our own with a big light on us, where everyone can see us and where there’s nowhere to hide, which can be scary for a lot of people. But then you add to that, the fact that you’re completely surrounded. And it’s the reason why a lot of nonprofessional speakers prefer some professional speakers get really worried about speaking on these 360-degree stages. So if you do have to go and speak on when the stages want to give you a couple of pieces of advice.

The first is you have to get comfortable with the fact that at different points, you’re going to be facing having your back to different parts of the audience. It’s just the way it works when you do that. So the way that I would do it, and the way I’m going to be doing it is a different point in my speech, I basically block up my speech. So I think, Okay, at this point, I want to be facing this quarter of the audience, I want to kind of stand there, be strong, hit my lines, go through my slides. And after a few minutes, I’ll move clockwise, and move and go to that next quarter of the room, share the idea, share the slides, whatever I’m looking to do. And then I’ll move around again to next quarter’s Theremin graduate. And basically, that way, you get a chance to kind of speak to all the different parts of the room as well.

But the second one and this is a great piece of advice that came from Frederick Haren, who’s a friend of mine, a wonderful speaker on creativity as well. And he said not to forget the fact that we’ve got cameras in this room as well. And from my perspective, this is also going to be a bit of a hybrid event. So there’ll be 400 people in the room. But there’ll be many, many more people watching virtually. So as a speaker, we have to keep in mind, where are those cameras, and in this case, are going to be three cameras in this room. So I need to know, what is my what’s called close-up camera. So when I land those really key lines, I really want to push ahead, I want people to remember, I need to be at that point on the stage facing towards that camera. So I can almost look down the barrel of that camera and land that line. So it’s kind of it’s a few kinds of complexities. So I would say if you haven’t spoken on those stages ask if you can just spend a little bit of time you know, the before or in the morning of the event, I was there this morning, just getting a sense of the stage getting a feel of that stage. And it just makes you feel a bit more comfortable when you’re you’re doing that and start to block out your speech, the different parts that you’re going to be speaking on. But done well. It can actually be great fun. I say it feels like I’m speaking in my living room because everyone feels like they’re around me. So it creates a sense of intimacy. And if you’re in Mexico and you want to bring me to come and speak at your next event, please just head over to Jamestaylor.me. Or perhaps you’re interested in bringing in a keynote speaker to talk about things like the metaverse and web3 blockchains. For some of those areas or areas of innovation and creativity that relate to those areas then just go to Jamestaylor.me again and check out some of my information on my Metaverse keynotes so from here and wonderful Mexico City My name is James Taylor thanks so much for watching

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What Is the Metaverse to Financial Services

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