The Constant Creative

Good execution of ideas by being a constant creative is often undervalued. Indeed Edison said that success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. In today’s episode I talk about the importance of being constant and consist in producing and promoting your work. So what makes for great execution of ideas? It’s a phrase – being constant. Being more […]

How To Overcome Performance Failure – Interview with Michael Manring

One of the world’s leading solo bassist with over 500 recordings, Michael Manring tells us about his passion for the bass guitar and doing solo recordings and concerts. Michael talks about how he got involved with the Windham Hill label and shares his biggest strengths and weaknesses. “Every performance is a failure. Failing in Music generally […]

How To Be Creative – Interview with Hugh MacLeod of GapingVoid

Advertising copywriter, successful cartoonist and author, Hugh MacLeod talks about how to be creative and making a living as an artist. Hugh describes how he developed his craft as a cartoonist and also shares with us the origins of the gapingvoid blog and business. Listen to it on iTunes. Stream by clicking here. Download as an MP3 by […]

How To Get Unstuck With Creative Ideas – Interview with Austin Hill Shaw

San Francisco based creativity speaker, trainer, coach and author, Austin Hill Shaw talks about participating in a 10-day meditation retreat and how it changed him as a writer. Austin also shares his love of rock climbing and how he became a Batik artist. “Creativity and life are completely synonymous. Creativity is not just ONE aspect of being a human […]

Creating, Communicating, Consuming (pick two)

There are three buckets in your life – creating, communicating, consuming. The challenge is that it is really only possible to focus on two at any time. If you are in the research stage of a creative project then you have to be consuming as much information as possible, but then there comes a time when […]