CL015: Drummer Gabor Dornyei on taking creative risks and learning your craft

Gabor Dornyei is a Hungarian born, UK based session drummer and faculty member at ICMP London, visiting Professor at Swiss Drum Academy and member of the group Thunder Duo. Gabor talks about how he first found his passion for drumming and shares with us his process and techniques in constructing a drum solo piece. Gabor also tells us about how a certain kind of approach to language affects how our brain operates.

“You’re not only allowed, but you’re required to be yourself on the instrument.”

“If  you don’t risk, you’re not gonna win.”

“Learn your craft and learn how to market yourself and how to be on the scene.”

– Gabor Dornyei

Gabor Dornyei Show Notes:

  • On starting on percussion.
  • Implying time in your playing.
  • On recording “Alexander Hedgehog” on Drum Channel.
  • On business deals, meeting deadlines and expectations.
  • Knowing what to commit to and how much work you can take on.
  • Finding a platform for his playing and finding a bigger market.
  • Overcoming fear and building your network in a new city.
  • Versatility as a drummer.

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