Goal Setting from a Keynote Speaker

Goal Setting from a Keynote Speaker

Goal Setting

Hey there, it’s James Taylor here, Keynote Speaker on Creativity, Innovation, and Future Trends. Today I’m in Lugano in Switzerland.


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Because tomorrow, I and a very special guest keynote speaker are going to be speaking in the building just behind me the LAC Lugano art and cultural building. We’re going to be him a keynote there, I’m going to be speaking on innovation and the guest keynote speaker is going to be speaking on sustainability. But we’ll tell you about that further. But let me show you some videos around here. This is beautiful. Lugano in the southern part of Switzerland just on the Italian border is a beautiful part of the world.

This is our pre-gig workout cardio workout walking up there what was once the funicular railway but is now just a lot of steps. How many steps are there must be a couple of 100 steps here? And this link all part one part of the low part of, of Lugano with the high part of Lugano. Look at these lovely views from here, when you come up. Okay, let’s keep going. Let’s keep going.

Goal Setting

So here’s the thing about goal setting. Sometimes you set yourself a goal, look around, and see the highest mountain, the highest thing that you can see is I’m gonna get to the top of that. The goal is to get to the top of that. And you struggle and your heavy breathing. If you’re trying to get to the top of it, and you really push yourself, do your utmost limit to reach the top. And here’s an interesting thing often. When you reach the top of that mountain, the fog and the clouds start to clear. And as you look down, you can see where you’ve come from. But then when you turn around you see actually that’s not the tallest mountain. There was another mountain higher and further up. You can see from the ground. You can only see that new level when you get to the top of the first mountain. So that’s something to think about goals. One goal that gets you to the top opens up a new vista of bigger goals that you maybe should be looking to claim

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