Sustainability Keynote Speaker The Ethical Futurist

Sustainability Keynote Speaker The Ethical Futurist

Sustainability Keynote Speaker

Hey there, it’s James Taylor here, Keynote Speaker on Creativity, Innovation, and Future Trends. Today I’m in Lugano in Switzerland.


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Sustainability Keynote Speaker

James Taylor 0:00
I’m speaking for a company here. They are in the ammonia business, designing and manufacturing of ammonia plants, and ammonia factories. And it’s an absolutely gorgeous part of the world here, where we are in Switzerland, it’s, as you see, the hardest thing today, give me my speech is going to be keeping my eye on the, what I’m actually trying to do, and not looking out at this incredible view that I’ve got. This is just a beautiful part of the world. Now, the interesting thing about this event is I’m actually doing it as a co-keynote, we have a project, it’s called the ethical futurists. And it’s me and guest keynote speaker, Allison burns. So what we do is, Allison speaks about sustainability, ESG, environment, and all that good stuff. And I speak a bit more from the innovation and the creativity and future trends side for what we do is we do a keynote together, she might do the first, in this case, I’m doing the first one. And then she’ll do the second one, we’ll come together and do something together. So today, I’m gonna be speaking about innovation as it relates to this industry, and engineering more generally. And then Allison, who is an engineer, lawyer, chair, singer, professional speaker, and actor, she’s gonna be speaking more about sustainability and ESG, as it relates to this industry and giving some really phenomenal examples and case studies. If you are looking for a phenomenal speaker on sustainability ESG, check out Alison Burns, or just go to Or you can just go to And you can learn more about me and get to the ethical futurists from there, and here

The Ethical Futurist

Allison Burns 1:44
in Switzerland and Legon. And I’m going to be speaking about sustainability, this company, and it’s talking about how we grow our food, how we power the planet, and how we can make a more sustainable planet, given the increase in global temperatures, and a climate crisis. So we’re looking at some innovative ideas and what companies and businesses are doing around the globe to help make a more sustainable future for the planet.

James Taylor 2:26
We’ve just come offstage.

Allison Burns 2:27
We have indeed, how was it for you? It was great. The audience was wonderful. It was a speech that landed very well. And I’m very pleased with it. And I think the audience got a lot from it.

James Taylor 2:39
Yeah, it was. It was a nice mix, you know, the ethical futurist program that we do. We come out of both the sustainability, the ESG side, and ethics side, they come from innovation, creativity, and collaboration, so, but together, it’s a pretty powerful combination.

Allison Burns 2:59
Someone said to always like you’re a dynamic duo, you’re like, like, I don’t know, like, it’s just you’ve worked well together. So that’s, that’s always a good thing. So that’s a plus. If people notice that then that’s great.

James Taylor 3:10
Exactly. So now we’re going to go and relax a little bit. And then we’re gonna go and have dinner with the CEO and the group and one of the great hotels is just near here, but thankfully, we can go and chill out a little bit now. So see you later.

Sustainability Keynote Speaker

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