How To Plan A Conference Event

How To Plan A Conference Event

How To Plan A Conference Event Post-Pandemic

Hey there, it’s James Taylor, keynote speaker on creativity, innovation and future trends speaking to you from here in Lisbon, Portugal.


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Business and Leisure Trips

Now, I want to talk about a bit of a trend that I’m seeing amongst conferences, events, and meetings. And that trend has a horrible term, and it’s called Bleasure Is this blending of business and leisure trips, because what I’m seeing is the cities like here in Lisbon are gonna really do very well from this trend.

So what’s happening is people are going traveling, perhaps to a different country or city to attend a conference or meeting. And using that time to also extend for a few more days and go on a little trip gonna have a bit of a vacation, sometimes I’ll bring the family with them as well. Now, I think this is happening for a number of reasons. One is the kind of sustainability side people have being much more intentional in how they travel and when and how often they travel. So if you have to can combine a business trip and a vacation, that’s a good thing, it cuts down on the number of maybe two flights that you have to do. The other reason I’m seeing this is a little bit more as well as we have to go through all this rigmarole. Now when we travel, all the different kinds of vaccine stuff that you have to have maybe different documentation that you have to have now, it’s not quite as fun as it perhaps once was. So if you can just reduce that and do one trip instead of two trips, all the better. So here’s why I think Lisbon and cities like this are going to do so well in this kind of post-pandemic world as companies and organizations start bringing their people back together and stop doing even bigger live conferences and in-person events. Because cities like Lisbon combine the ability to do great events. I’m here at the epic Sana, which has a wonderful conference space here. But you have lots of great conference venues, unusual conference venues as well can go out and do things on ships and all kinds of stuff here. But at the same time, it’s a very walkable place. So it’s easy for your people to kind of get around to move around, it’s a nice place, if even if they don’t want to go out into the countryside, then they can enter the other areas of Portugal, they can just have a great week here. And it’s so much to explore here. And it’s very easy to move about.  How To Plan A Conference Event

Bleasure Trend

So whether you’re doing a 25-person conference, or 250-person conference, or 2500-person conference, you just had Web Summit, a huge conference here, then Lisbon’s a great place to do that. Another city I think will benefit from this Bleasure trend is Barcelona, which was already doing very well before the pandemic, and it’s just kind of restarting now, in Rome, I’m doing a lot of events just now in Rome, I think that’s a great city for that as well. Berlin, and Paris, obviously like this. And always I think London will take a little bit longer to come back because of some of the issues around there. And that’s just in Europe. And I think a lot of American clients of mine are doing more of the events in Europe because they can benefit from the strong dollar as well. So if you are planning a conference, an event, or a meeting, we bring your senior people back together, bring your team back together in person, and you are looking for an inspiring keynote speaker, then check out And you can find all my different case studies and industries. And even if you’re not looking for a speaker on creativity, innovation, and future trends, just use the contact form there. Just tell my team what you’re looking for. Maybe there’s another speaker I see so many great speakers, maybe we can suggest another speaker to you as well. So he up from beautiful Lisbon in Portugal. My name is James Taylor. Thanks for watching.

How To Plan A Conference Event

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