Portugal Keynote Speaker

Portugal Keynote Speaker

Portugal Keynote Speaker

Hey there, James Taylor here, keynote speaker on creativity, innovation, and future trends, filming today from Alentejo in Portugal.


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I’m here to them this beautiful beach. And it just reminds me actually reminds me a few many years ago, when I was more of a professional musician before I became a keynote speaker. And sometimes I get the opportunity to work with great orchestras. And I’d be sitting in the middle of this great orchestra as a performer. And I’ll be playing at the Royal Albert Hall, for example, in London. And when you hear an orchestra perform, and you’re in the middle on that stage, is a totally different feeling from when you’re actually watching the audience watching the artist or the orchestra from this audience perspective. You feel the power, you’re in the middle of this power. And you suddenly at that point, you feel this, this, all these 40 or 45 Different people are moving together by moving like a wave together. And as I’m standing here, just now surrounded by nature, by the waves, and the wind and the beautiful mountains here as well. I’m feeling enveloped by nature. And when you work with great teams, I think you find that you find that same sense. There’s that culture, there’s that spirit that kind of goes throughout all the members of the orchestra. And it changes from being just 45 separate individuals to one thing to remove them from, from me too weak. And as a leader one of the most important things you can possibly do is to instill that sense of I was talking to a client earlier today in the energy industry and that was one of their challenges. How do they get their people moving from me to we have a great way of thinking about it just come out in nature maybe next time you do a team event bring Matt to a beautiful area like this great surfing together as a team, and do one of your kind of retreats, corporate retreats out in nature because something interesting happens when these beautiful, amazing places. So from here in Portugal, my name is James Taylor. Thanks for watching.

Portugal Keynote Speaker

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