Standing 20 Feet From Stardom


My friend asked if I wanted to go to the movies? I’ve been living in Chiang Mai, Thailand for two months writing and filming a new online course for musicians and needed a night out. The movie in question was ’20 Feet From Stardom’, a documentary about the lives of the backing singer. Here’s why […]

Webinar with Taylor Swift’s former manager Rick Barker

Rick Barker Webinar

A few days ago, we sent out a special invitation for the free webinar I’m running with Taylor Swift’s former manager Rick Barker. Turns out the demand for the information we’re sharing is HUGE. We weren’t trying to keep anyone out – SORRY if you tried to join when we ran out of places. Well here’s some GREAT news: we just opened another 400 […]

Douglas Gillespie from The Entertainers Agency

Douglas Gillespie Entertainers Agency Interview

Did you know that some bands are making over $3million a year just from playing corporate and wedding gigs? These are artists you’ve never heard of, they don’t appear at big festivals, yet they get to travel the world playing music. A number of them are represented by Douglas Gillespie of the UK’s ‘Entertainers Agency’ […]

Artist Development Stages

Taylor's Artist Development Stages

In this full-length video we cover the ‘Six Stages of Artist Development’. These are the six stages that I see musicians go through in the course of their career. This video is intended as a high-level overview to help you assess where you are in your music career and what you should be focusing on. […]

Chris Wade of Adastra (Agent Interviews)

Chris Wade from Adastra

Good booking agents are worth their weight in gold. They help build your live career, book your tours, advise on fees and routing and generally act as your cheerleader with promoters and festivals. Music agent Chris Wade founded the Adastra agency nearly thirty years ago and it is has grown into the UK’s most successful […]