Renew Your Music Career

Renew Your Music

Musicians and bands can get stale, no matter how successful they are. When that happens they need to Renew their career which is what the final stage of the Artist Development process is all about.  Video Highlights: 0:07 – Renewing your music career 0:30 – Taking risks with your music 0:50 – Reinvention 1:00 – […]

Maximize Your Music

Maximizing Your Music

Once a music artist or band reaches a certain level of success in their career then they need to look to maximizing potential revenues. This is what the ‘Maximize Stage’ of Artist Development is all about. Video Highlights: 0:10 – The Maximize Stage (difficult second albums!) 0:28 – Sponsorship and Endorsement deals for musicians 0:46 […]

Supercharging Your Music Career

Maximize your music career

The first hit album, the sell-out tour, the explosive growth of your fan base. These indicators all point to you arriving at what we call the ‘Supercharge Stage’ of your music career. In the fourth installment of the ‘Artist Development Stages’ video series we cover what the ‘Supercharge Stage’ means and common pitfalls. Video Highlights: […]

Refining your music marketing

Refining your music marketing

In part three of the Artist Development Stages model for musicians we cover refining your music, marketing, sound and songs.  Video Highlights: 0:07 – Refining your sound, songs and marketing 0:44 – Finding an agent 1:04 – Difference between agents and managers 1:27 – Making music your full time job 1:44 – Refining your marketing […]

How music affects your life

How does music affect your life? When I was back in the UK last month the BBC asked me to come into the studio to talk about my favorite piece of classical music and its affect on my life. In this interview for Jamie MacDougall’s ‘Classics Unwrapped’ program I talk about the power of music, […]