The Future of Conferences and Events

The Future of Conferences and Events

The Future of Conferences and Events

Today, I’m in Emilia Romagna, in beautiful Italy


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Future of Conferences and Events

And I’m here where there’s an event that’s happening here. And I’m also checking out some potential venues for future creativity, and leadership events. And this venue that I’m in today has great facilities, and amazing facilities, if you want to come and do an event, I’ll put the link here to Palazzo di Varignana. So amazing plat, so it’s got a golf course it’s got a spa, it’s got amazing conferencing facilities. But let me tell you a little bit about why I think Places like this are going to do really well in the coming years.

The nature of conferences and meetings is changing. What I’m seeing happening a lot is a lot of my US clients citing to have their events here in Europe and beautiful places like Tuscany, and around Paris, all across Italy, in places like Lisbon, Barcelona, and Madrid. And there are a couple of reasons for that. One is because the exchange rates are really good for US companies to bring all the people together, they’re gonna bring the people together, Europe’s a great place central place to do that they can bring their North African and Middle East teams here as well. But the other thing that I’m seeing, I’m noticing a lot, and this kind of goes to the kind of ESG part of it, the sustainability part is the kind of nature of the events themselves are changing slightly. So I’m seeing a huge growth in really kind of going back to kind of 2019 levels for smaller, more intimate leadership events. So this is where they’ll bring the senior people together, and have a very nice event. And it could be a castle or Villa somewhere like this, for example. But it’s maybe only like 25 people, and they’ll bring in someone like me to maybe give a keynote, but also to really do a workshop style with them. But the other one I’m seeing is where they go to places that have phenomenal audio-visual setups, where what they’ll do is they’ll have maybe 50 people 60 people in the room, from all over the world, or maybe just locally is, let’s say, here in Europe, maybe they bring some of their American team and they bring a speaker like myself in maybe another guest speaker, maybe a client will come in and speak as well. But then you’ll have about 1000s of people of the employees all watching online virtually from wherever they are, the whole thing is also recorded. So that doesn’t a number of things. First of all, it creates that type of hybrid event. So there are people in the room, doing that kind of networking, but also virtually, there are people able to watch it. So that obviously cuts down on all the carbon cuts in the travel, travel costs, for example. And also it creates an aspirational kind of event. So the other way that I The third way I kind of see this is I’m seeing those more sales orientated organizations treat events like this, where they come in, they’ll bring maybe 50 people together as an event for their best salespeople. So maybe 3000 of the salespeople watch online. But everyone’s always thinking how I want to get to that, you know, Italy event next year, I want to hit those numbers next year. Or maybe it’s an innovation, you know, the team that does the most innovative work in their business gets a chance to bring the whole team to an event like this. So events are changing for good and for bad. But I’ll put a link here, this is an amazing place. If you’re thinking about doing a conference in Italy or in Europe, come and check out this place. The Future of Conferences and Events

My name is James Taylor. I’m a keynote speaker on creativity, innovation, and future trends like Metaverse, for example, and you can find out more about me and my programs or my keynotes and workshop programs by going to That’s And if you’re not already subscribed to me wherever you’re watching this just now, make sure you click on that subscribe button. Thanks for watching.

The Future of Conferences and Events

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