CL066: Tony Grey on how to be a self-sufficient creative professional

Tony Grey

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast I talk creativity with British born multi-instrumentalist, composer and record producer Tony and discuss how to be a self-sufficient creative professional. Tony shares his inspiring story of how nearly dying in a car accident made him pick up the bass guitar and within 12 months landing a place at one of the world’s top music colleges.

“Make sure that your dream is bigger than your fear. When your dream is bigger than your fear, no matter how hard it is, you will find a way.” – Tony Grey


Tony Grey’s ‘Self-Sufficient, Creativity’ Show Notes:

  • Tony’s Story (3:00)
  • Maximizing time for goals (8:30)
  • Overcoming fear and finding a path (10:30)
  • From Berklee College of Music to professional (12:00)
  • Becoming comfortable with playing music (15:00)
  • The Hiromi gig (15:45)
  • Confidence and believing in yourself (17:18)
  • Using determination and fear (20:48)
  • Doing it yourself and collaborating (25:55)
  • Goals, positivity and energy (30:19)

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