Chatbots and Generative AI Tools for Marketing

Chatbots and Generative AI Tools for Marketing

Chatbots and Generative AI Tools for Marketing: How to Stay Innovative in a Changing Landscape

Hey there, James Taylor here, keynote speaker on creativity, innovation, and future trends. And today, I’m in Brussels in Belgium.


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Chatbots and Generative AI

I’m here because I’m talking to a company called Puratos. I’m here keynoting at their internal marketing event at a really nice venue they’ve chosen very near their offices called Fosbury and Sons, a kind of co-working space. So it was quite nice for the team to kind of get them out of the traditional place that they work. Changing your environment can do lots of cool things. Now, this particular company, is very, very innovative in terms of the producers of the ingredients that go into making baked baked products. patisserie chocolate products as well. Very, very innovative company. But one of the cool things I’m finding in this particular event, just speaking to everyone here, and one of the reasons I’ve been brought in really to talk about innovation as it relates to things like sustainability, future trends, is how important for this company is to know both consumer and customer trends, what’s changing in the market, and they do a big study every year, we’re looking at different changing tastes, the tastes that people have, you know, the taste is very local. What works in one country might not actually work in another country as well. But one of the fun things I’m going to be doing while I’m here is

I’m going to be showing them the power of ChatGPT, which is started by a company called OpenAI. And it’s basically a really fancy chatbot, but much, much more beyond that. So I’m actually going to demonstrate in the room exactly how it works and how marketers can use chatbots like chat GPT, I’ll also be showing them different types of generative AI tools like Midjourney, which is a really great way to get ideas out of your head and into some form, it creates amazing images that you can use then either give to a designer or it can actually create entirely new kind of photographs of people that don’t even exist. It’s a very, very cool tool for marketers and any type of creative professional. Now, something I know I’m gonna get a question here. Now this event is a room of like, 65 marketers, they’re gonna see do I have to be worried about these technologies, things like generative AI ChatGPT, that midjourney, for example, lots of machine learning tools are coming on board. And I say if you do work, which is really creative, you’re always kind of pushing yourself, you’re always staying curious and always trying new things. I don’t think you do have to be worried. I think this is going to provide you with a powerful new tool at your fingertips. But the rules of the game are changing. And for many people who just kind of get by just putting out a general type of stuff. You know that we’re leaving the information age, we’re going into this brand new age just now. And it’s a very exciting time. Chatbots and Generative AI Tools for Marketing

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