Keynote Speaker in AlUla Saudi Arabia

Keynote Speaker in Alula Saudi Arabia

Exploring Creativity, Innovation, and Future Trends in Alula, Saudi Arabia: Keynote Speaker in AlUla, Saudi Arabia

Good morning, James Taylor here to speak on creativity, innovation, and future trends. And today I’m in AlUla, which is in, Saudi Arabia


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Creativity, Innovation, and Future Trends

And I’m here I’m just been speaking at an event here yesterday, and I’m not getting a chance to go and explore this wonderful place a little bit fascinating. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we’re going to hair grow. And then we’re gonna go see the old town we’re gonna go see a couple of other things. And it’s a really interesting group of people here all talking about what creativity means and the role of creativity and, and the future of things like the metaverse and web three NF T’s all that fun stuff. So here, in AlUla, come follow me along.

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