Exploring the Creator Economy

Exploring the Creator Economy

Exploring the Creator Economy: Insights from Keynote Speaker in Jeddah James Taylor

Hey, there’s James Taylor Yeah, keynote speaker on creativity, innovation, and future trends. Today I’m joining you from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.


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Creator Economy

And I’m here actually at the Shangri-La hotel in Jeddah. This is the first of the Shangri La hotels here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It’s a beautiful hotel. And this is a really beautiful city great view out here onto the Red Sea, which is jet as famous as this nice port area, and lots of beautiful beaches here as well.

Now, the reason I’ve been brought in is to speak at an event around this concept of the creator economy. And what this means for businesses what it means for governments means individuals. Because if you haven’t noticed, there’s been a big trend going on over the past 10 years. And that is this rise of what we now termed as the creator economy, this democratization of anyone being able to create and upload, and promote and market their content. Now that content may take different forms. It started probably about 10 years ago, we saw the rise of new platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and suddenly, anyone was able to create and very quickly put out and distribute their content. And this really kind of accelerated with things like TikTok, for example. And now all over the world, you have these people, individuals who have built incredible businesses, around being creators, creatives, all different types of things, different types of content on all different types of topics. But one of the things I think that has allowed this to happen, this creator economy is the tools that we actually have. You know, it’s only two relatively recently that some of the devices have moved from what I call more consumption type of tools, to make to what we call kind of create a type of tools because this is one of the key things about creativity, it often requires us to have tools, tools to get those ideas out of our head and into some physical or some type of form as well. So early versions of everything, but the iPod, when that first came out, was really a consumption type of device. It wasn’t really about creating as such, but many devices that we have now the devices in our pockets, the thing I’m filming on just now are really intended for anyone to be able to create really high broadcast quality content. Now, this does a couple of interesting things. Exploring the Creator Economy

Creator Communities

First of all, it means anyone can really be a global superstar, depending on what their topic is, it says very much democratized content and content creation. But the other thing that is done as well, is it’s allowed lots of communities to start to develop around creators. See, this is the cool thing about creativity. Creativity is collaborative creativity is a team sport. And when whenever you see creative start to pop up. Usually, it’s around different communities. So for example, in nearby Dubai here, you have lots of influencers, social media influences coming up, they’re really kind of building a community of lots of influences, kind of supporting, pushing each other forward driving each other on to new things. This is not unsimilar, similar to the 1920s when we had the roaring 1920s. In places like Paris and Cairo, Shanghai, where creators there, were maybe creating books like The Hemingway and F Scott Fitzgerald were pushing each other to go to high levels with their creative output. And here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you’re also going to have those lots of those communities are starting to, to really develop and crop up now it’s gonna take different forms in different places. The kind of creative output that people in Mumbai are putting out is often quite different from the kind of content that see teams or creators in New York or London or Paris, Jeddah, Riyadh, or all over the world are going to create. So this is what they do to think about today. And the kind of creative work you do, regardless of what creative work is, there’s no such thing as lone genius. Who are those communities that you go to for support encouragement mentoring, that are able to push you forward to new higher, and greater levels? So here speaking from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, my name is James Taylor. Thanks so much for watching. Exploring the Creator Economy

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