The Impact of Creative Space on Creativity and Innovation

The Impact of Creative Space on Creativity and Innovation

The Impact of Creative Space on Creativity and Innovation

Hey there, James Taylor here, keynote speaker on creativity, innovation, and future trends. And today, So I’m here in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles.

Show Notes:

  • The role of physical space in shaping creativity and innovation
  • The impact of the space in which we create on the final product
  • Examples of how different spaces can affect the style and sound of music
  • The idea of changing up the space in which you create to break out of a creative rut
  • Mention of a TED Talk by David Byrne on the subject
  • If you are looking for a keynote speaker on creativity and innovation reach out to us.


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Role of Physical Space in Shaping Creativity and Innovation

So I’m here, actually, just in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles, it’s a little bit cold a little bit chilly but don’t know how long I’m going to be out here for truth be told. But just before I came out here, I was walking in some of the state rooms in the palace itself. And one room I came to was one of the formal dining rooms. And in that very same room, Mozart wants to perform for the king. And by the queen, he actually was invited to perform on behind by the Queen, and the Queen and Mozart spoke German. And then she translated for the king as well. But as I’m walking around, in that room, in that spacing, wow, Mozart wants created music in this space. I was also thinking about how the space, the place in which we create affects the very thing that we create.

There’s a wonderful TED Talk by David Byrne, the musician who talks about how the music set was saying very differently if it was created in different kinds of places. So for example, the reason that jazz sounds like jazz is because it’s been intended to be performed in certain shapes of rooms. The reason that choral music has this long kind of notes is that it’s intended for rooms that have a certain kind of acoustic to them. The reason that rock’n’roll sounds good at mid-tempos is that it’s intended for these large stadiums where mid-tempo really works very well. So the room that I was just in the stateroom, the dining room look kind of long, rectangular room, high ceilings, acoustically not great, it’s a bit of a box, essentially. But someone like Mozart would have known this, he would have taken this into consideration when he was composing. And performing in these rooms, he would shape his creativity into the space. So if you want to kind of break out of, maybe you’re stuck in a rut at the moment creatively, you can just feel like you’re doing the same stuff over and over again because it happens to everyone, one of the simplest things you can do is just to change up the space in which you’re creating. That could mean maybe going if you’re working at your desk all day, maybe go and working from a coffee shop or a gallery, or maybe it’s you know, if you’ve got a beach or forest, or just doing something different changes space because the space in which you create has a profound effect on what you create.

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