The Global Keynote Speaker – 2022 Highlights

The Global Keynote Speaker

The Global Keynote Speaker

Thank you to all my clients and those who attended my keynotes and workshops, watched SuperCreativity TV, or listened to the SuperCreativity Podcast. 


James Taylor, a leading global keynote speaker on creativity, innovation, and future trends, has had a busy year in 2022. Taylor has given 15 in-person keynote presentations, 7 workshops, and 12 virtual keynotes, reaching audiences all over the world. In addition to these live events, Taylor has also released 21 episodes of the “SuperCreativity” podcast and 30 episodes of the “SuperCreativity” TV show, providing even more opportunities for audiences to engage with his ideas. Taylor has traveled to 15 countries and visited 62 cities in total, making him one of the most well-traveled and in-demand speakers of the year.

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