Unblocking Creativity with the Random Words Technique

Unblocking Creativity with the Random Words Technique

Using the Random Words Technique to Overcome Creative Block

Hey there, James Taylor here keynote speaker on creativity, innovation and future trends speaking to you from Frankfurt, Germany.

Podcast Show Notes:

  • Introduction to the topic of breaking out of creative blocks
  • Mention of Romanian-born German poet Herta Muller and her use of the “random words” technique to spark creativity
  • Explanation of the “random words” technique and how it can be used in business to approach problems from a different perspective
  • Example of using the “random words” technique to brainstorm ideas for a marketing plan
  • Where to learn creativity techniques
  • Closing thoughts from keynote speaker James Taylor in Frankfurt, Germany.


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How to break out of creative blocks

I was just giving a keynote a few hours ago on the topic of innovation, and how to break out of creative blocks sometimes because we all experienced them at different points. And one of the techniques I was telling them about was about a Romanian-born German poet called Herta Muller, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature. And she had a technique called random words. And the random words technique is a really good one to get stuck sometimes can creatively, what she used to do as she used to have pieces from newspapers, that she used to cut out random words. And if she was getting stuck on a line of a poem or something, what she would do is she would take out one of those words from a draw and use that and kind of use that to spark like just going to take her own different way. Other people have used it, like David Byrne has used the exact same technique.

Random word

So this is how we use it in business. Sometimes, if you’re approaching a problem, and you’ve been at it, for a while thinking about you can’t quite get out of it. Just find some random word dictionary, open it a random, you can go to random word generator.com is another way of doing it. And then use that word to maybe think about the problem from a different perspective. So for example, if you’re working on a marketing plan, and you’re really stuck on this marketing plan, and the random word is River, okay, well, what if we approach this like a river so that we can have goals around things rather than trying to crush things? Like how does that kind of where does that go from there that may spark kind of further ideas? So it’s called random words really great technique if you just want to break out of any kind of creative blocks. If you want to learn other creativity techniques like that, just go to Jamestaylor.me. Lots more there as well. So from here in Frankfurt, Germany, my name is James Taylor. Thanks for watching.

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