One of Asia’s largest telecoms companies

Virtual keynote from James Taylor sparks creativity at Asian Telco

The client was a multinational telco firm which operates across 46 countries and is one of Asia’s largest telecommunications companies by market capitalisation. As part of their professional development programme, the client holds regular webinars where they invite guest speakers, thought leaders and experts. Leaders from their Learning & Development team invited James Taylor to give a keynote presentation as part of this programme. Attendees would primarily be managers from the Telco consultancy arm of the business.

This provides consulting and cloud, data storage, cybersecurity and cognitive services to telecoms clients. The objective of James’ session was to help the clients junior and middle management think more creatively so they can accelerate innovation for their clients. During the pre-event call with James the client told James that attendees at previous events had particularly enjoyed speakers who shared good stories and talked about future trends and technology and its application to telecommunications. Based on this James suggested his signature keynote ‘SuperCreativity: Augmenting Human Creativity In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence’ as it is a speech which talks about augmenting soft skills (e.g. creativity) with hard skills (e.g. machine learning). It is a speech about the future of work and the role of humans and machines in the 21st century workplace.

The speech consisted of four parts with a Q&A session at the end moderated by an executive from the clients L&D team. During the speech James Taylor showed how the idea of SuperCreativity was transforming IT, customer services, aerospace, telecoms, and consulting. As part of the preparation for James’ presentation he took part in a number of pre-event calls and tech checks with the clients learning and development team. In addition to this James undertook detailed research on the history of the client and the threats and opportunities faced by their management and their telco clients. The final virtual keynote sparked the attendees creativity and provided them with insights and actionable tactics to develop their creative thinking skills. Attendees were also provided with a post-event online training course where James went deeper on different creative and critical thinking techniques for managers.


One of Asia’s largest telecoms companies


Junior and Middle Managers




How to increase creativity and accelerate innovation.

James Taylor’s Solution:

75 minute virtual keynote

James Taylor’s Solution:

  • James Taylor provided a fast-paced virtual keynote on creativity, innovation and the future of work.
  • James motivated 200 junior and middle managers.
  • The virtual keynote was insightful, energetic and highly-visual through its use of multiple cameras, live video green screen, inspiring stories and actionable ideas.